remember webcliques?

They were cool! Well, they weren't. They were largely pointless, and some of them were mad crazy elitist, but it was fun to join 'em. So why not indulge in some neo-fin-de-siecle (1996 to 2002, yo) nostalgia and join some once again? Come on, it'll be nifty. Well. Maybe not. Might be fun, though! (And I promise it won't be elitist.)

how to join

1) pick a clique you like. Pick one, or pick them all, who even cares.
2) put the code on your website, with the information pertinent to you.
3) optionally, add your name to the members list by using this handy dandy form. It's not mandatory, but it might get you more hits!
4) profit!

fine members

01. Rin @ Firefly Café
02. J @ PotassiumMCR2
03. Kara @ ♛ RXQUEEN ♕
04. Kris @ kris' cosmic quarter

gettin' cliquey with it

rock me

Who plays the music of your soul? Tell the world who your favourite musical artist is. Or artists, if you can't choose just one.

EG: rock me ♬ LOONA
rock me ♬ Suede, Manic Street Preachers

<a href="">rock me</a> &#x266C; musical artist/s here

my jam!

Your current favourite song. Or your all-time favourite(s). Either way, you scream that it's your jam every time you hear it.

EG: my jam!! "Bullet to the Heart"
<a href="">my jam!!</a> song name

♫⇡ (play it loud)

Tell us your favourite musicians, and their best song, in your not-so-humble opinion. This is basically the above two cliques combined for single artists, because sometimes our favourite artists do our favourite songs! Or there's just one song a beloved artist does that you love above all others. Use a link on your song's title to show it off, ie, a lyrics page, YouTube link, whatever you fancy.

EG: BTS Whalien 52, MAMAMOO Décalcomanie
ARTISTNAME <a href="">&#x266B;</a>&#8673; <a href="optional link here">Song Name</a>


Love a minor character from any medium? Name 'em here. (Yes, actual NPCs count!)

EG: NPC · the Log Lady
<a href="">NPC</a> &middot; minor character name


What's your favourite colour? Or colours? Speak to us of your spectrum. Be extra fun and put the hex or name for your colour choice into your code snippet. And be as basic or creative with your colour name as you like!

EG: rainbow 🌈 aqua
rainbow 🌈 vaporwave lilac

<a href=""><font color="#FF0000">r</font><font color="#FF8000">a</font><font color="#FFFF00">i</font><font color="#008000">n</font><font color="#0000FF">b</font><font color="#8000FF">o</font><font color="#800080">w</font></a> &#x1F308; <font color="HEXCODE/webcolour">colour</font>


You all know what an OTP is. This is for your OTF: the one you gained a soul for. The one you sacrificed your life for. The one that actually got you off your arse and actually writing fic. This is for your ONE. TRUE. FANDOM.

EG: OTF 💞 the Legendarium
<a href="">OTF &#x1F49E;</a> fandom

unexpected song

You know when you start a new show/book/whatever, and you have a pretty good idea of who's going to end up your favourite character? This is the exact opposite; this is for the characters that you ended up adoring and you never saw it coming!

EG: unexpected song ♪‼ Celes Chere
<a href="">unexpected song</a> ♪‼ character name


Have you ever shipped a character from one series with a character from a completely different series? Ever had your jaw drop at just how compatible two characters would be if they just lived in the same universe? Congratulations, you've found your Crossover True Pairing, or your XTP. Who's yours?

EG: XTP ×♡× Jiang Yanli/Arwen Undómiel
<a href="">XTP</a> &#xD7;&#x2661;&#xD7; crossover pairing

More coming soon, doubtlessly, because I have no life. Only code and avocados. Also, please check out Aromatic, my revival of a webclique long since lost to time.

the code for Cliqued! is © 2020 Rin, but is hardly an original idea itself
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